Help your Child SOAR with Flip Flop Spanish
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About Us

The Flip Flop Spanish methodology is all about relationship and motivation. Motivating your child is easy with Flip Flop Spanish. With interactive games, hands-on tools, fun activities and engaging audio, you'll enjoy the journey and the results from our tried and true products. 

(As an aside: when parents learn WITH the children, motivation SOARS!)
  • As a former public school teacher, current private class teacher, and homeschooling mother of five, I need results from our curriculum. I do my best to make sure EACH item we offer will get results and will also be simple to use.
  • Each item came out of my Spanish classes - I designed them for my students, and my supportive husband would see the design, and how I used it, and always responded: "Hey! Other people could use that. You should publish it."
  • We are located in Central Texas and have been slowly adding products to the Flip Flop Spanish series since 2006.
  • You can reach me via email or Facebook. (