Help your Child SOAR with Flip Flop Spanish
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What's the Point? Why are we doing this?

The Flip Flop Spanish methodology is all about relationship and motivation. When your child is motivated, learning a second language becomes a joy, a wonderful journey. Flip Flop Spanish includes methods and interaction that is so much more than simply following a program, playing a song, or clicking the correct picture on a computer screen.

Those activities feel useful, but without interaction an communication, clicking and singing simply is not the same thing as learning skills and then using a new tool: SPANISH.

Motivation and learning is easy with products like calendars, flash cards, audio, games, even t-shirts, engaging workpages, and interactive activities. Simple, short lessons that stick and build. Flip Flop Spanish has something for every member of the family. Chunky and light, learn with your child. It's best for both of you!

Flip Flop Spanish Fits You

With two methodologies (Workbooks & Flashcards). Señora Gose created materials that are sure every child would "catch" Spanish in the best, most useful way. The best way for that child. If you have a "doodler," a student who enjoys turning pages, and seeing movement through a book, choose a Workbook/CD combo in the correct age range.
If you have a hands-on, wiggly one, choose the Flip Flop Spanish Flashcards - or full curriculum - See it and Say it. If you're not sure, start with a simple supplement. Just START! Today is the day. It doesn't have to be hard or long.
One Spanish word today is one more word than you knew yesterday.